In the shadow

Munich 2020 / Coins on canvas / 115cm x 160cm

A tribute to the heroes of the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic once again shows how important nurses are in the social and medical areas of our everyday life. Unfortunately, they still do not have the financial and social recognition that should be granted to them for their achievements and their commitment.If you look at the work up close, you can see that it consists of 1, 2 and 5 cent coins, as well as seal stamps stamped with the heads of nurses. On the heads of the nursing staff small crowns can be seen, which express the highest recognition and the highest respect for this professional spade. With the many cent pieces, however, attention is also drawn to the problem that the nursing staff only gets very small salaries for this grueling job.Although the nursing staff achieves so much, they tend to be overshadowed financially and in the eyes of society. In the middle of the picture, the inserted cent pieces and seals form an SOS symbol, expressed by the international Morse code. This is to indicate the emergency situation in nursing.
The picture gets the finishing touch with corona signs, which are only visible through a UV lampand thus make clear this dramatic, invisible danger of the crisis.

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